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6-Hour Shamanic Healing Experience

Step into the realm of profound healing with Janine, known as “The White Raven,” and her exclusive 6-hour Shamanic Healing Experience. Renowned for her remarkable ability to swiftly identify and release hidden traumas stored within the body, Janine offers a transformative journey towards holistic well-being.
In each session, Janine channels her unique healing techniques, honed through years of intuitive practice, to address the deepest wounds and burdens of her clients. Whether it’s ancestral trauma, past life experiences, soul contracts, or childhood pain, Janine’s intuitive touch guides you towards liberation and renewal.

Join Janine, the guiding light in your journey of self-discovery and healing. Experience the power of her channeled wisdom as she unlocks the pathways to inner peace, vitality, and profound transformation. Embrace the healing touch of “The White Raven” and awaken to a life of limitless possibilities.

12-Hour Shamanic Healing Immersion

Embark on a profound odyssey of self-discovery and healing with our exclusive 12-hour Shamanic Healing Immersion, guided by the unparalleled expertise of Janine, also known as “The White Raven.” Dive deep into the recesses of your soul as you journey towards liberation and inner peace.
In this extended session, Janine’s extraordinary gift for rapid, profound healing takes center stage, allowing you to delve even deeper into the release of hidden traumas stored within your being. With each passing hour, you’ll uncover layers of ancestral wounds, past life experiences, soul contracts, and childhood pain, shedding them like old skin to reveal the essence of your true self.

Through Janine’s unique channeled techniques, tailored specifically to your individual needs, you’ll experience a profound shift towards authenticity and happiness. Embrace the opportunity to live a life unburdened by past traumas, as Janine’s intuitive touch guides you towards a state of profound liberation and empowerment.

This is a transformative journey towards self-discovery and healing, where each moment is infused with the wisdom and compassion of “The White Raven.” Step boldly into a future filled with authenticity, joy, and boundless possibility with our Soul Liberation Odyssey.

Connect, Empower, Thrive: Group Shamanic Healings

Discover the extraordinary power of collective healing with The White Raven’s Group Shamanic Healing sessions. These transformative gatherings harness the energy of community, creating a space for shared growth and profound transformation.

Group Healing Sessions: Dates and Times Vary

Experience the Magic of Group Healing

Unite with like-minded souls on a journey of self-discovery and healing. By joining our email list, you’ll receive notifications about upcoming group healing sessions. The collective energy in these sessions amplifies the transformative power, providing a unique and impactful experience.

Life-Changing Potential

Group healings are a potent catalyst for change, offering support, connection, and shared transformation. The synergy of energies in a group setting enhances the healing process, allowing for profound shifts in mindset, spirit, and overall well-being.

Investment: Group Healing sessions vary in price. Subscribe to our email list for more information.

Group Healing Experiences

"Amazing! Felt everywhere you focused on."

"Something changed after that stuff around being manipulated."

"I felt relief in my left shoulder, thank you very much."

"Incredible clearing, I released a lot of emotions and heaviness in my being, and lot’s of body movements. Now feeling peace in my soul and wonderful relaxation in my body. I am so grateful for this wonderful healing session!!!"

"That was so amazing! I needed that healing and felt like you were targeting problem areas for me specifically even though we were in a group. I had a lot of deep emotional release during the healing. Thank you so much Janine. I adore you and your gift."

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What Clients Are Saying

“I felt absolutely supported at the deepest level”

Before the session with Janine, the White Raven, I felt cloudy and stress in my energy field. During our session I felt absolutely supported at the deepest level and understood without the need for words! After my session I felt more calm and clarity for several days after. Janine is an amazing healer who knows how to tap into what your greatest need is at the time of your session. She held space with love and strength and guided me on an incredible healing journey. If you are stressed or at a crossroads or just need some love and support, you will find it with Janine!!!

– Lisa Koche, MD

“I felt energetically and physically more aligned and balanced”

The first time I met with Janine, I had some emotions that were stuck and needed to be released that were causing me some discomfort. The second time, I had bad tension in my head, shoulder, and neck that also needed some releasing. During the session I felt safe and enjoyed the sensations in my body as she moved throughout my body. I could feel things releasing and moving in ways that I needed. After both sessions, I felt energetically and physically more aligned and balanced. Janine is the deal and a great energy healer. The way she moves energy helps clear and release any blockages that are causing disease. I also love how she can see and feel what’s going on and her interpretations of the information she is receiving resonates with what I am feeling and experiencing.

– Kelly Boyer

“I’m filled with far more peace than I can ever remember feeling”

My second session with Janine was a lot more calming than my first. I had a lot of feelings I was hanging onto and Janine released them from my body and helped me establish a barrier that lets the positive energy through but leaves the negative at the door. Upon going through my second session I was able to connect to the experience while not allowing those negative experiences to flow through me the same way they always had in the past. As a result I was left in a much calmer and more peaceful state while going through some deep emotional items. Janine has helped me be able to experience emotions without becoming overwhelmed by them as I’ve struggled with this a lot over my lifetime. I’m filled with far more peace than I can ever remember feeling and am able to start emotional growth that up until this point has been very limited. 5 stars!

– Sherilyn