White Raven Healings

Discovering my identity as a healer filled me with excitement and love for my work. Witnessing the positive changes in my clients and myself fueled my passion. However, a significant hurdle impeded my progress—I couldn’t bring myself to share my healing abilities beyond family and friends. Fear paralyzed me, and expressing my true self seemed impossible. My business remained stagnant, frozen in a state of reluctance.

Enters my healing mentor, a guiding light on my transformative journey. Together, we unraveled the layers of ancestral trauma that silently shaped my existence. The revelations were profound—witch trials, the burden of being blamed for a child’s death as a midwife, and a multitude of suppressed emotions. These ancestral wounds held me captive, influencing my present actions without my awareness.

Healing sessions became a cathartic unraveling, liberating me from the shackles of humiliation and fear. My mentor skillfully navigated through the layers of the past, exposing wounds I had long buried. The traumas, once haunting, transformed into stepping stones towards personal growth.

With each session, my perspective shifted, and the fear of judgment dissipated. I found the courage to reveal my true self to the world, no longer burdened by ancestral trauma. I began openly sharing my healing journey, articulating the profound changes it brought to my life.

In the midst of this metamorphosis, a fascinating phenomenon unfolded. An ancestral trauma was being held in my right eye. During my session addressing judgment, I could feel my right eye being hollow. With judgement releasing, my eye was gaining clarity and a new perspective. I was looking around with my eye, and opening it extra wide. Astonishingly, this transformation echoed across generations—my daughter experienced the same thing as I did, at the exact same time, in the same eye, even though she was unaware of the ongoing healing. 🤯

The interconnectedness of healing became even more evident when my conversation with my father revealed he had experienced a headache during the same timeframe. One healing session rippled through three generations, a testament to the potency of this transformative process.🤯🤯

Embracing healing is not just a personal journey; it’s a ripple effect that touches the lives of those around us. As I continue my weekly sessions, I am not only healing myself but unlocking the capacity to guide others on their transformative journeys. In the dance between visibility and ancestral trauma, I’ve found liberation, and in healing, I’ve discovered the profound beauty of life-changing transformations.

Transformations are real. Most times I don’t even have words to describe how my healings affect me. They hit me so deep and it’s such a beautiful thing to witness. I usually just cry and enjoy the profoundness of the moment. The ripple effects of healings are so impactful, it’s priceless.

Have you ever experienced a transformative healing that you would like to share? I would love to hear it. ☺️