White Raven Healings

Transform Your Relationships

A 12-Week Journey to Healing Past Trauma and Cultivating Connection

Did you know that your family bonds (or lack of bonds), traumas, and triggers affect all of your relationships–family, romantic, and even your work environment?

You could move 1000 miles away from your family, never talk to them again, and still this would wreak havoc on your life.

How would you like to heal all of your relationships?

What if I told you that you could improve them exponentially in 12 weeks?

In Transform Your Relationships: A 12-Week Journey to Healing Past Trauma and Cultivating Connection, you can learn:

The blocks to all relationships

How to heal blocks, triggers, and traumas that are associated with how we bond and separate
All about our feelings of belonging–which is one of the most powerful desires in life–that comes straight from your DNA!

What You Get

12 weekly classes to overcome relationship struggles, so you can enjoy: Work, Love, Money, and Play

12 Dynamic Activations
12 Dynamic Teachings to gain a new experience so you can live your life healthier than ever
Activate the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies within, to balance self and all relationships
Get the Practical Guide to Healthy Relationships
Get the Energetic Guide to Healthy Relationships
Become Conscious in all relationships
12 short teachings
Discover the Love You Have Within
Experience the results as they happen
Learn how to celebrate all relationships including the one you have with yourself
Discover what you are doing that works and how to improve it for massive results!
Commit to the power of relationships, and they will commit to you! With energy healing, when you heal, your relationships heal. Is the relationship you have with yourself worth your time to get educated, improving the relationship with your money worth spending money over? Is your relationship with others feeling more connected and loved, priceless?

Wonder if it’s too expensive?

What will it cost not to have healthy relationships? Did you let money get in the way of relationships? Have you ever felt slighted because someone didn’t pay you back, or afraid of wealth because you think people will only want you for money? How have your finances played a role in your relationships over the years?

Will it work for you?

You never know by staying stuck where you are! How would things look for you if they just started improving or if you could understand the deeper reason we attract what we have, wouldn’t your life change? Would relationships look and feel better if you could see them without being triggered and traumatized? You’ll even improve your own relationship with yourself by learning about what you are already doing that works! To me… this is something we can’t afford to miss out on. From past lives, future lives, and present life we have to have a good relationship within. This makes it worth the price alone, but you get so much more from it than that.

What You Get

You’re getting 12 sessions LIVE!

Learn the easy, clear concept that will change your life
Receive energy healing as a part of the live
Access to the replays


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Meet The White Raven

The White Raven specializes in unconventional techniques aimed at addressing the hidden layers of trauma that reside within your body and spirit.
By delving into the depths of your being, we can unlock the power within and embark on a journey of healing and transformation. Holding a non judgemental space gives her clients a place to release pain, trauma, or stress. It’s a beautiful thing to witness the transformation. She completed a year long program certifying her as Kairos Healer. She continues to grow and learn on her journey to be a better healer. The White Raven is an unschooling momma of 4. She lives on a farm that has cows, dogs, cats, and more to come. She loves a good laugh and enjoys playing card games with family. She likes fairies, unicorns, and spirit animals.

Here are the details!

Start Date: June 4th, 2024
Time: 10:00 Mountain Time / 12:00pm Eastern Time
Day of weekly meetings: Tuesdays

Early bird registration $497 or 3 easy payments of $167.00

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