White Raven Healings

About The White Raven

Embark on the captivating odyssey of Janine, The White Raven, whose narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a childhood immersed in the rustic charm of the countryside.

Surrounded by horses, dogs, and cats, Janine’s fondest memories are laced with the exhilaration of skidooing, tobogganing, and quad rides with a lively cohort of cousins and friends. Horseback riding, though occasionally tinged with fear, became a cherished pastime, reflecting the warmth of a family where both parents were consistently present, with her mother caring for the kids and her father working from a shop in their yard.

Post-high school, Janine diverged from the conventional trajectory of college or university, driven by a desire for family. Swiftly after graduation, she married her husband, sharing a vision of building a family. The transformative year of 2020 prompted a shift to homeschooling, which later evolved into unschooling, acting as the catalyst for Janine’s spiritual journey. Despite embracing the unschooling philosophy, she felt adrift and purposeless, akin to a balloon drifting in the air. This prompted a heartfelt plea for help in her journal, answered by an unexpected email inviting her to a spiritual retreat.

Interestingly, during this pivotal time, Janine experienced spider bites on her ankle—a mysterious synchronicity that became a recurring theme in her journey. The spiritual retreat unfolded into a year-long program, unveiling Janine’s innate healing gifts and confirming her identity as a healer. Post-graduation, the reappearance of spider bites heralded another chapter, leading her to a transformative summit and the fateful encounter with her mentor.

Their connection was palpable even before the first 1:1 call, and under her mentor’s guidance, Janine navigated ancestral trauma, unlocked self-expression, and emotional control. Prior barriers to sharing her healing abilities were dismantled, paving the way for a newfound confidence in her role as a healer.

Since awakening her gifts, Janine has become a conduit for various energies—channeling the wisdom of a shaman, the grace of goddesses, and the strength of dragon energy. Her commitment to perpetual learning and personal growth serves as a driving force, propelling her journey deeper into self-discovery.